Top 5 Surf Travel Destinations

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Finding the perfect barreling waves can be difficult. For some, it seems like a never ending search. In order to find the perfect wave, you are likely going to need to travel far. In fact, you might even have to spend a lot of money on the entire trip. Surfing destinations are typically not for budget travelers. However, if you research enough, you should be able to find some hidden gems that are cheaper to travel to than you might think. In this article, we will be going over the top 5 most affordable surfing destinations.

Top 5 Destinations For Surfing On A Budget:

1. Northern Peru.

A lot of people are unaware that Peru has some of the best waves for surfing. Most people think to visit Chicama when visiting Peru. However, if you travel farther North of Chicama, you will find a surfers paradise in Northern Peru. Here, you will find various reefs, points, and beach breaks that will help to absorb swells throughout the entire year. Even better, unlike a lot of other surfing destinations, here you should be able to leave your wet suit at home because the water can reach up to 75 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer months.

2. Morocco.

Another great surfing paradise that a lot of people are likely to be unfamiliar with is Morocco. It is actually known to surfers as the land of the right hand point break. And unlike California, it is not extremely expensive, nor is it over crowded. The water temperatures are very similar to California’s. Therefore, it generally is required to wear a wet suit. Anywhere throughout the south of Morocco, you are going to find a lot of perfect waves to ride. The best surfing times during the year would have to be from December to February. However, you can also find great waves during the fall, as well. The good thing is that lodging and accommodations are typically very inexpensive, especially if you are willing to haggle.

3. Baja, California.

Baja California is what surfing used to be throughout California when it was uncrowded and rarely touched. You can simply drive for about an hour to Cabo San Lucas where you should be able to find countless points, reefs, and great beach breaks. One of the good things about this location is that it is not only great for surfing, but you are going to have a great time in the various towns around the beaches as well. In fact, you can taste very affordable lobster and cheap fish tacos while you are there.

4. Bali, Indonesia.

Another excellent location that you can check out is in Bali Because it has thousands of miles of rich surfing coastline, it is one of the most sought after surf destinations in the entire world. In fact, it has over 20 of the top quality breaks, so you should be able to score a good amount of waves with no problem. And best of yet, if you do not like crowds, you can pay someone to take you to one of Bali’s thousands of islands in Indonesia. While flights can be expensive, it is a cheap place to visit and stay.

5. Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the best places in the world to surf and just down the road from the world famous Jeffery’s Bay, and only an hour away from Elands Bay.It is also home to Dunes in Noordehoek Beach, Dungeons – A Big Wave Surf sport – and Sunsets a lesser known big wave surf spot.

Cape Town has one of the best beaches to learn to surf in the world – Muizenberg Beach. Along with Muizenberg Cape Town offers a number of other spectacular beginner surf spots including Longreach in Kommetjie and Big Bay in Blouberg. All in all it is stacked with great places to take surf lessons Cape Town

As you can see, there are plenty of different surfing locations that you can enjoy without having to spend a fortune. The truth is, while a lot of the more expensive surfing destinations were once great locales to go surfing, general overcrowding has ruined the experience. By focusing on lesser known and hyped destinations as mentioned throughout this article, you should be able to have a much better overall trip.